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Quality management system

ANTIPIROS company management has established it`s own quality insurance system

  • Providing the most detailed assistance in the field of service and certification of safety equipment, firefighting systems and firefighting equipment on land as well as on ships.
  • Possession of international and local certificate approvals for marine and overland servicing and certification of safety and firefighting equipment
  • Possession of all worlds major class societies approvals
  • Possession of most  of the worlds and local leading safety and fire fighting equipment manufacturers approvals
  • Non-stop 24 hour availability for ship services
  • Possession of as many as possible training concessions
  • The company will do it`s best to keep the minimum of 95% positive passing on training courses
  • By it`s own example the top management will demonstrate leadership in accordance with the quality management system in an effort for continuous  improvement
  • The company will achieve and constantly maintain the quality of it`s products and services in accordance with daily enquiries
  • The companies quality insurance  system is the basis for establishing goals through adopted plans
  • Advancement through constant education of it`s staff
  • Greatest commitment is to be ensured for prevention of nonconformities
  • To achieve competitiveness through implementation of this quality insurance  

In keeping with professional norms and ethics, customer satisfaction is greatest reward we can receive for our activities. Returning customers - not products: this is our quality motto.

Certifikat kvalitete HRB  

Certifikat kvalitete DNV



In case of complaints you can request our complaints procedure by e-mailing us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Complaints committee will be named by the CEO.