LALIZAS EUROPE II INSHORE Life raft HR can be used on recreational boats and has been tested and certified according to ISO 9650-2 testing standard. ISO 9650-2 defines life rafts designed for sailing in areas where moderate conditions are expected, such as coastal waters, bays, estuaries, rivers and lakes. It is available in 4 to 8 person versions, packed either in a canister or in a waterproof valise. LALIZAS EUROPE II INSHORE Life raft HR is designed to inflate in an outdoor temperature of 0°C to +65°C. The inspection interval depends on the flag. Please also be advised by your local LALIZAS Service Station. 
1. Sea anchor with rope (1 piece)
2. Life ring with rope (1 piece)
3. Floating paddles (2 pieces)
4. Immediate action (1 piece)
5. Floating knife (1 piece)
6. Canopy support (2 pieces)
7. Bailer (1 piece)
8. Sponge (2 pieces)
9. Whistle (1 piece)
10. Repair kit (1 piece)
11. Manual pump (1 piece)
12. User internal manual (1 piece)
13. Seasickness bag (12 pieces)
14. Torch kit (1 piece)
15. Red hand flares (3 pieces)
16. Red parachute flares (2 pieces)
17. Signaling mirror (1 piece)
18. Anti-seasickness pills (6 per person)
Image Code Weight (kg) Max Persons A B Container Height Length Width
  501485 30kg 4 1440mm 1440mm Canister 280mm 660mm 420mm
  501486 34kg 6 1700mm 1700mm Canister 280mm 660mm 420mm
  501487 36kg 8 1940mm 1940mm Canister 280mm 660mm 420mm
  501488 28kg 4 1440mm 1440mm Valise 320mm 700 300mm
  501489 30kg 6 1700mm 1700mm Valise 320mm 700mm 300mm
  501490 33kg 8 1940mm 1940mm Valise 350mm 700mm 320mm
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