Life-Link' Jacklines

These Jacklines, otherwise called jack stays, will provide you safety while on board without hindering your freedom of movement to a great extent. Made of 25mm durable, UV-resistant Polyesterstrap, the Life Link Jacklines feature two loops to attach it to the boat. Available in white colour and five sizes from 6m to 10m.

Image Code Color Length Width
[20702] Safety Jacklines 'Life link' (Pair)- L:6m, W:25mm image 20702 White 6 m 25 mm
[20703] Safety Jacklines 'Life link' (Pair)- L:7m, W:25mm image 20703 White 7 m 25 mm
[20704] Safety Jacklines 'Life link' (Pair)- L:8m, W:25mm image 20704 White 8m 25mm
[20705] Safety Jacklines 'Life link' (Pair)- L:9m, W:25mm image 20705 White 9 m 25 mm
[20706] Safety Jacklines 'Life link' (Pair)- L:10m, W:25mm image 20706 White 10m 25 mm
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