Omega Inflatable Lifejacket 290N, ISO 12402-2

Omega Inflatable Lifejacket 290N complies with ISO 12402-2. It is slim fit, lightweight, with rugged constructions, coming in two codes, one with harness and one without harness. Both feature one chamber which can be inflated via LALIZAS Auto Operation Head (20260, certified per ISO 12402-7) and bear oral inflation tube incorporating LALIZAS Valves (20610, certified per ISO 12402-7). 

The inflatable bladder, which is made of high visibility yellow fabric, is folded into a nylon red valise with velcro closure. It is also equipped with SOLAS Retroreflective Tapes (70180) and LALIZAS Whistle (70010, certified per ISO 12402-7 & 8). They are provided with lifting loop. 71103 also features heavy-duty D-ring for easier rescue.

Omega Life jackets feature the following characteristics:

  • CE ISO 12402-3 approval
  • CE ISO 12401 approval on all integral black harnesses
  • Twin welded air bladder seam for double security
  • Ultra reliable firing mechanism
  • Compatible with all major suppliers CO2 bottles
  • Commercial heavy duty weight protective outer cover
  • Easy re-packing
  • Economical re-arming kits
  • 290 Newtons of buoyancy when fully inflated
  • Auto heads designed not to fire in heavy weather
  • Maintain the correct flotation position in the water (face-up)
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Heavy-Duty, Stainless D-Rings for attachment of a safety line

Image of Lifejacket Open:

Image Code Description
[71103] Omega Infl.Lifejacket, Auto, 290N, w/Harness, ISO, Adult image 71103 Omega Infl.Lifejacket, Auto, 290N, w/Harness, ISO, Adult
[71105] Omega Infl.Lifejacket, Auto, 290N, ISO, Adult image 71105 Omega Infl.Lifejacket, Auto, 290N, ISO, Adult
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