Training Courses

Antipiros provides a comprehensive range of maritime training courses for obtaining additional certification in accordance with Convention STCW 95 and the Ministries of Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development of the Republic of Croatia.

Our long-term training experience, educational expertise and excellent understanding of the complexity of the maritime market requirements contribute in good academic results and the successful career path of our graduates.

Organized monthly at our state-of the-art facilities in Split, we offer basic training, maritime management, first aid, survival, firefighting, refreshment courses for seafarers as well as specialized training for oil and gas tanker operations.

Image Code Description
  73024 Training - General preventive measures for fire protection
  73025 Course D43 - Proficiency in Designated Security Duties
  73026 Course D42 - Proficiency in Designated Security Duties
  73027 Course D4 - Rating Forming Part of Navigational Watch
  73028 Course D32 - Ship Security officer
  73029 Course D3 - Master of ship up to 200 GR
  73030 Course D27 - Dangerous Cargo Holding
  73031 Course D20 - Proficiency in Medical Care Aboard Ships
  73032 Course D2 - Basic Safety Training
  73033 Course D19 - Proficiency in First Aid Aboard Ships
  73034 Course D16 - Advanced Chemical Tanker Operations
  73035 Course D15 - Liquified Gas Tanker Training Program
  73036 Course D14 - Advanced Oil Tanker Operations
  73037 Course D13B - Tanker Familiarization Liquified Gas
  73038 Course D13A - Tanker Familiarization Oil & Chemical
  73039 Course D12 - Advance Fire Fighting
  73040 Boat Leader License - Category C
  73041 Course D48 - Environmental Awareness
  73042 Course D47B - Leadership - Training - Management Level
  73043 Course D47A - Leadership - Training - Operation Level
  73044 Course D46 - ERM - Engine Resource Management
  73045 Course D45 - BRM - Bridge Resource Management
  73731 Course D17 - Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats operations
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